Erio W. Cavalieri, President.

  President and CEO of the INTERNATIONAL FUNDING COMPANY .  President and co-founder of Teamworks USA (both of which are U.S.A companies).

  As the founder of INTERNATIONAL FUNDING COMPANY, Erio W. Cavalieri brings to the firm over 35 years of diversified sales experience. With an emphasis towards the Latin American market, Mr. Cavalieri, has also led in the developing of private, national and international projects. Through strong leadership, an exclusive client base has been developed with a solid trust relationship.

  Erio W. Cavalieri works closely with numerous financial institutions and government agencies promoting trade in Latin America. Additionally, Mr. Cavalieri is registered with multiple prestigious insurance and financial companies in U.S.A.

  Erio W. Cavalier's educational concentration has been within numerous aspects of international trade and finance. With studies in Queens College (Liberal Arts), New York Institute of Technology (Communications), New York University (International Business), Mr. Cavalieri, has also completed international business and trade courses, as well as related seminars at New York University.

  As President of TEAMWORKS USA, Erio supervises and advises the investment and sports management of the firm. Currently the firm's main orientation is aimed at investing in soccer players. In addition to providing top ranking coaches, (which greatly improves the player's physical and mental development) TEAMWORKS USA, also assists with their everyday medical and nutritional needs.