INTERNATIONAL FUNDING COMPANY offers complete coordination of financial services to clients in support of their project management activities. The coordination of these services includes assisting the client in evaluating the economic and financial implications of a project while assisting procurement of financing.

The concept of project financing was developed to raise money, often from several sources, by shifting the security for a loan from the corporate or the government borrower to the revenue that will be generated by the project. Assets of the project stand as collateral for the loan.

Financial coordination's offered by INTERNATIONAL FUNDING COMPANY are flexible and varied, designed according to requirements of the client and project. Financing for projects range from small installations to large technical complexes.

To ensure that a project is instituted" on sound and competitive financing, our management and service teams assist in coordinating loan(s) in the following manner:
  With sufficient funds to design, engineer and construct the project, consideration is given, as
  Maturity of financing matches the needs of the client.
  Start up costs are also included, as required.
  Interest rates and other loan related fees will be considered at the most advantageous cost
  to the client.